The Work Wear Club UK – FAQs

If you have questions about the quality, integrity, or production of our work wear, check for your answer below. We may have already answered your question before.

Our work wear stands out as some of the finest quality clothing products within the UK. To do this, we focus on the quality and integrity of the clothing, alongside the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. We can measure the success of our products based on our excellent consumer reviews.

Clients can feel free to contact us with questions at any time. Here are the common questions we receive as a top provider of work wear and uniforms within the UK.

Work Wear, PPE, and Uniform FAQs

Your questions about work wear, answered.

Q) What is the difference between work wear and PPE?

A) Work Wear and Personal Protective Equipment share a crossover. PPE is not just the hazmat suits, but includes thinks like steel toed boots for chefs, high vis jackets for construction workers, and gloves for steel workers. Although these are all work wear, they are also personally protective.

On the other hand, work wear does not necessarily have to be PPE. Examples of workwear which are not PPE include t-shirts or polo shirts, a white shirt and tie for the office, or a matching uniform for restaurants.

Q) What is the purpose of work wear?

A) Work wear has many benefits. When your employees are dressed uniformly, clients can easily identify them if they need assistance. You can embroider or print your branding and logo onto the work wear to greater increase your reach.

Manufacturers make work wear from tougher fabrics, which are thicker and durable when compared to ordinary clothes. The tougher the clothing, the longer it will last.

Q) Are uniforms considered PPE?

A) Some uniforms are PPE but not all uniforms. A good example of a uniform which is PPE could be the scrubs a surgeon wears, or a doctor’s white jacket. A good example of a uniform which is not PPE includes the t-shirtscharity workers might wear, or the hoodies sporting brand names which door-to-door sellers might arrive in.

Q) What is the difference between work wear and uniform?

A) A uniform exists to grant uniformity to your company. Much like in a school, wearing a uniform helps easily identify employees. Not all work wear is uniform, though. If you owned a fashion brand, for example, you might want work wear for those in the storage rooms to protect their feet and keep them warm. You might decide that your front-of-house employees wear your own clothing.

How do I return an item to Work Wear club?

You can return any mis-sized or unwanted items to Work Wear Club by replacing them in the packaging and sending it to us directly. You can read about our returns and shipping procedureshere.

Where can you find garment printing and embroidery in England?

We offer a direct to garment printingstyle using multiple techniques. We also provide our clients with excellence in embroidery options.

Can you buy individual items from Work Wear Club?

Yes, we sell individual items as well as bulk work wear, uniform, and PPEclothing. Shipping is free on orders over £75 though, so it pays to buy bulk.

Any Other Questions?

If you read through this page and feel you still have questions, then we would love to hear from you. Contact us today on 0203 887 0364 or join the club by creating an accounttoday.